Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sabzi Khordan (Persian Herb Platter)

Photo courtesy of LA Times

Sabzi Khordan is a kind of Persian mezze that is offered to guests before or during a meal. It consists of a platter of the freshest herbs,vegetables , and regional cheeses served with pita bread.The platter would include any of the following in no set amount.

radishes, thinly sliced
mint sprigs
flat-leaf parsley
onions, thinly chopped
fresh dill sprigs
scallions or spring onions,thinly cut
garlic chives
romaine lettuce leaves
feta cheese, goat cheese, or any type of regional cheese
pita bread or lavash, to serve

1. Wash and dry the herbs and vegetables.Remove any the have slight browning or are wilted.
2. Arrange the herbs, vegetables, and cheeses decoratively on the platter.Serve with the pita bread or lavash on the side.
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