Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dibis Kharoub (Carob Molasses)

Carob aka Locust Bean is the pod of a fruit from an evergreen tree, Ceratonia Siliqua, that is native to countries of the Eastern Meditteranean.When these pods ripen, thier insides become filled with a sweet syrup(molasses) which is removed by manually.Carob molasses has a taste that is a cross between caramel and chocolate.There are many culinary uses for carob in the Middle East.Carob is sometimes mixed with a little tahina and enjoyed as a spread on Arab bread for breakfast or snack.In some places, the pods are chewed as a snack.

After the syrup is removed, the pod does not go to waste either.They are broken into pieces, then roasted, and ground to a fine powder where it is sold as carob powder.This powder is used as a flavoring for cookies, cakes, and sweetmeats.Here in the U.S., carob pods are extremely difficult to find, but carob powder which is often marketed as "chocolate substitute"can be found in many major health-food stores.Carob molasses can usually be found in most Middle Eastern markets.Carob molasses is a perfect no fat food.One tablespoon contains only 60 calories.
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  1. Wow thank you for that! Really interesting to read. My mum makes carob cake sometimes and I never really knew where the carob itself comes from!

  2. it`s very interesting topic actually as i know i was born in a small village right in the forest and i used to eat Carob a lot as it covers a lot in my tribe . when it is still sour , we take it off from the tree and hung a bunch of them on the same tree so we come next couple days to eat its seeds becomes so nice , we love it and in the summer time the Carob becomes black and toased we throw the seeds and we eat the outside of it , is like chocolate . actually , i miss those days a lot .