Saturday, November 7, 2009

Loomi (Dried Limes)

A specialty of Iran, Iraq, and the Gulf States where they are known as limoo omani,noomi basra, and loomi respectively, loomi is a common ingredient in many of these countries main dishes.Loomi are used in stews and in fish dishes of the Gulf.They are used to lend a citrusy, tart flavor to these foods.Sometimes, loomi are ground to a powder where they are added to soups and stuffings. Loomi are usually sold in the spice section of most Middle Eastern markets or if there isn't one in your city, you may try making them yourself.

Loomi are easy to prepare but unfortunately require some time for them to be ready and of course the weather must be in your favor.To prepare loomi, just get a handful (5-6)limes and put them out in direct sunlight to dry.They will be ready when they are brown, feel light, and sound hollow inside. Loomi will keep for about a year in a cool, dark place.When ready to use them, just use them according to recipe instructions or if your pressed for time and don't have time to prepare them just substitute lime zest instead.
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